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Rak Free Trade Zone - North Ras Al Khaimah - United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates   NorthernDataSystems 11-07-18 2 Hits

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Northern Data Systems is a leading IT Solution provider in RAK for Profit Accounting Software.

VAT enabled single user accounting software is a complete business management software that
enables you to manage all aspects of your business such as accounting, inventory, taxation,
payroll and much more.


-->Complete VAT Accounting and its reports
-->Fast and Effective Bank Reconciliation Option
-->Fully Customizable Sales and Purchase Registers
-->Option to maintain details of Production based on BOM
-->Facility to maintain details for stock lying across multiple locations.
-->Detailed Inventory Management based on Product Categories / Classifications as well
    as Serial Numbers.
-->Stock / Inventory Management
-->Order Management
-->Data Security
-->Data Backup and Restore facility.
-->Easy Customization
-->Online - Offline Invoice Printing


-->Profit Desktop Facility by which shortcuts can be created and various options can
    be accessed easily.
-->Auto Reminders for Birthday and Anniversary
-->Transaction based SMS Features
-->Profit-NX Messenger Services
-->NX Scheduler (Magic Mind)
-->NX Forms
-->Analyze data from Grid
-->Magic Merge
-->VAT Ready Software

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Company Name:- Northern Data Systems
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Contact us at :- +971553030825/072076765
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