Published: 19-08-18

The warning followed complaints from hospitals about unknown persons using their names to cheat jobseekers after advertising non-extent jobs online.

The fraudsters allegedly post jobs online with attractive salaries and other benefits, and also include the names and logos of reputable hospitals they claim to be working for. Hospitals said the fake recruitment agents deceive people about the availability of medical positions and get from them recruitment fees after promising them the jobs.

When the jobseeker visits the hospital to check on their employment status after waiting for long without getting feedback from the agent, they find out that they were conned as the hospitals have idea about the said recruitment agents.

The ministry said that the scamsters, disguising themselves as recruitment agents, target medical professionals.

Brigadier-General Dr Salah Al Ghoul, director-general for community protection and crime prevention at the Ministry of Interior, said: "The public has to be cautious as professional fraudsters can operate in all forms in order to cheat people.

"These online criminals take advantage of people being desperate to find jobs so they could earn a living and promise them fake jobs to cheat them."

He urged people not to trust online job advertisements or emails from unknown sources who claim that they have jobs and need agent's commission.

People have also been advised against rushing into making any payments for jobs to avoid being cheated.

"It is good thing for jobseekers to ascertain the credibility of the sources for these job advertisements before they rush to apply for jobs. People should not be fooled into paying money or commission to recruitment agents," said Brig-Gen Al Ghoul.

The officer warned that the UAE law punishes people convicted of online crimes with jail sentences of not less than a year and not exceeding three years and fines ranging from Dh250,000 to Dh1 million.

People have been told to report online fraudsters or anyone they suspect to be involved in other crimes of cheating people to police or other security agents so that legal action can be taken against them.

Source:UAE News 

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