Published: 08-09-16

What’s your biggest business regret? 

Sometimes we have no idea we’re about to make one. 

A lot of times, we make choices for our business without knowing if we’ll regret them later. We do stuff like Example:

• Splurge $1,000 on that exotic GQ photographer for a super sexy image of our product.

• Use new, edgy call to action copy some article on LinkedIn recommended.

• Spend hours writing a blog headline that could go “even grandma sees it” viral.

And in the moment, our choices always feel like 100% the right decision. Until they turn out to be our biggest regrets.  The reality is, most of us will make a decision that -- slowly but surely -- marches us down a path leading to a serious business regret. We just don’t know it yet. It could even be happening right now. But Advertising your Business - your Product, Promotion, etc.. can change things. 

You can start small business too by selling those unwanted stuff we have in our can can give us a start. Advertise it with us...we are here to Help you!  for FREE.

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