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Best place to sell second hand books

How unwanted second hand books became big business
It’s a fair bet that second-hand books would have been some way down your list. had plugged the gap in the market for new & old books.
With ebooks being mooted for the near future, second-hand bookshops closing down and charity shops often refusing to take books, the outlook for the trade was gloomy. Books could be bought cheaper than firewood.
Best place to sell second hand books
Three young men in Bognor Regis, on the south coast of England were beginning to take a contrary view, however.
All were in boring jobs and wanted to work for themselves. One, Simon Downes, now 37, had a degree in business information systems and was experimenting with trading on eBay.
Convinced that physical books were moribund, the three nonetheless did see a lot at the car boot sales they frequented looking for things to resell.
They tried buying them for pennies and auctioning them on eBay.
The results could be spectacular. A pile of unsold Barbara Cartland paperbacks they bought from someone who was putting unsold books in a rubbish bin at the end of one car boot sale fetched them £270.
“Against all intuition, it seemed books were a saleable product when the audience was not local, but global,” Mr Downes says.
The three reported all this to the father of one of them, a local businessman, Arthur Maxfield, who was also curious about the internet’s potential for buying and selling on.
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