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Job Category/Tittle: A/C Technician

Dubai   kimiclean 13-05-18 73 Hits

Urgently Filipino AC Technician

Industry: Facility Management
Job Location: Dubai
Salary: AED3000
Experience: 1 - 2 Years
Job Type: Full Time
Gender: Male


• The air conditioning technicians install, inspect, maintain, and repair air conditioner.
• They ventilate equipment and controls making sure they operate efficiently and continuously.
• They perform regular maintenance work on cooling units.
• They diagnose electrical and mechanical defects and malfunctions.
• They install, replace, or repair equipment that has been damaged.
• They make the adjustment and do calibrations of thermostatic controls.
• They install new air-conditioning systems and equipment.
• They inspect and maintain refrigerators and ice machines, and chilled water supply systems.
• They clean blowers and coils, check tensions of belts and motors.
• They make plans and designs of new air-conditioning systems including their installation and maintenance.

• The air conditioning technicians should be able to work in places where they are exposed to dust, fumes, noise, toxic materials and high voltage equipment.
• They should also be capable of working in confined and hot spaces like roofs, crawl ways and attics.
• They may also have to work in adverse weather and may be required to lift heavy objects, bend, stoop, kneel or stand for long stretches of time.

• The air conditioning technicians must at least have a high school diploma or vocational or technical certificate.
• They should know the principles of air-conditioning unit repair and maintenance, including controls, safety practices and procedures and tools used.
• They should be able to read and interpret building regulations and codes implemented by city, state and federal government agencies pertaining to installing air-conditioning units

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