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Job Category/Tittle: Medical Staff

Abu Dhabi   uae.geoteam 23-06-18 97 Hits

Laboratory Supervisor

Industry: Engineering
Job Location: Abu Dhabi
Experience: 2 - 5 Years
Job Type: Full Time
Gender: Any


 Liaises with client or client representative during pre-mobilization planning phase or during field work for obtaining site information, coordinating access, and conducting safe operations.
 Quality of data receives ongoing review from project team management; Reviews the data collected by personnel, party chiefs, and/or subcontractors.
 Receives detailed instruction on objectives.
 Collects data independently in routine field situations; collects data in complex field situations with limited supervision; Responsible to ensure tests and measurements are performed correctly with calibrated equipment; Conducts site reconnaissance.
 Asked to verify processed data to ensure it accurately portrays field conditions
 Provides advice to Project personnel in proposal writing with regards to feasibility of operations.
 Assign laboratory testing jobs to the concerned technicians.
 Maintain tracks & schedule the calibration of Lab. Equipment.

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