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Job Category/Tittle: Restaurant Staff

Dubai   Ambros 03-07-18 108 Hits

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Executive Chef / Head Chef / Corporate Chef / Sous Chef

Contact No.: 0559872926
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• Planning and directing food preparation and culinary activities to ensure that our dishes are prepared under the best conditions.
• Modifying menus and creating new ones that meet quality standards.
• Estimating food requirements, and food and labor costs.
• Managing and supervising kitchen staff’s activities.
• Arranging for equipment purchases and repairs at the right time.
• Recommending potential kitchen staff.
• Maintaining complete knowledge of all our foods, outlets, services and hours of operation.
• Rectifying arising problems or complaints.
• Giving prepared foods the “final touch”.
• Performing administrative duties.
• Complying with nutrition and sanitation regulations and safety standards.
• Keeping time and payroll records.
• Creating the work schedules of the kitchen staff.
• Maintaining a positive and professional approach with coworkers and guests.
• Ensuring that our food items are stored in the right temperature.
• Being aware of items that are about to go out of stock and ensuring that orders are placed on time.
• Ensuring that our supplies are up to company and municipality standards.
• Ensuring that the kitchen is clean and sanitized properly at all times.
• Ensuring that our food items are labeled properly.
• Checking for items that are about to expire and disposing them properly when necessary.
• Working in accordance with the healthy and safety and municipality standards.
• Ensuring that our kitchen staff are trained on basic food safety and work safety when necessary.
• Ensuring that our kitchen staff always safeguard themselves properly while working to avoid work hazard.
• Training new and existing staff.
• Selecting designated trainers from the kitchen staff in your restaurant to help train new and existing staff and managers.
• Attending personal and career development training programs.

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