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Job Category/Tittle: Manager

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Industry: Retailing
Job Location: Dubai
Salary: AED3001-5000
Experience: 1 - 2 Years
Job Type: Full Time
Gender: Any

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It shows the various important duties, tasks, and responsibilities that supermarket store managers most carry out in their work place.

Improve profit and attain sales target of the supermarket
Deal with all complaints, queries, and other related customer service issues
Recruit and interview new staff for the supermarket
Organize training, orientation, and supervise all departmental managers
Organize holidays
Oversee receiving orders and stock control
Assign and schedule tasks for specific employees and also follow up on the results they generate
Complete all the operational requirements of the store
Appraise, monitor, and plan tasks to be given to individual staff members
Discipline, counsel, and coach employees to maintain positive result generation
Initiate corrective actions, analyze variance, schedule expenditure, and prepare annual budget aside achieving other financial objectives of the organization
Recognize future and present requirements by customers
Establish good rapport with existing and potential customers
Collaborate with other members of staff that have good understanding about service requirements
Maintain inventories and approve contracts to ensure consistent availability of the required services and merchandise
Study trends, authorize clearance sales and also determine all required sales promotions
Review merchandising by formulating pricing policies
Identify profitability ratio by studying financial statements and operating statements
Study display plans, sale promotion, and advertising towards marketing merchandise in a profitable manner.

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