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Price: 149.00

Opp-Chocolala Building, Near RAK Mall, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE
Ras Al Khaimah   Animal House 28-05-18 4 Hits

Our onsite team is having over a decade of experience in maintaining aquariums; we do care about the services which include the replacement of accessories and equipment. We will take care your aquariums our maintenance contract includes Glass Cleaning, Gravel Vacuuming, Filter changing, Fish replacement, PH Checking, Water changing etc.
We have yearly contracts, monthly contracts, and one time contracts as well. Our Contracts are started with AED 149 based on the size of aquariums and place.

Our Contracts includes –

• Ensuring proper function of Aquariums
• Checking the PH Level of the Water
• Water Exchange
• Make sure the Ammonia level, Nitrate, Water Salinity, Alkalinity, and Calcium are not harmful to fishes
• Cleaning and changing the filters and ensure the filtration and aeration
• Make sure the Oxygen Supply and Aeration Level
• Active Carbon Replacement (If Needed)
• Skimmer cleaning
• Cleaning of Glass Interior and Exterior
• Fish Feeding and treating diseases as recommended
• Identifying fish sickness and diseases and recommending remedies and take to the clinic if needs

If you required any Products or Services please WhatsApp your location with aquarium pictures, we will quote you soon. Mobile/Whats App +971 56 918 5455

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