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Amount: 550

Al Rigga Road
Dubai   nishin 02-07-18 4 Hits

   SEND MESSAGE   0529911681
Fully Furnished Room, Partition and Single, Lower and Upper Bed Spaces for Filipinos available and READY TO MOVE Near Union, Rigga and Salah Al Din  Metro Stations; For Inquiry 052 9911 681    

Room for 4 Heads Rent AED 2800 + DEWA (Salah Al Din MS)
Partition Room for Couple Rent 1800 ALL IN (Union MS)
Single Partition for Female Rent AED 900+DEWA (Rigga MS)
Female Single Bed with Curtition Rent AED 800+DEWA (Salah Al Din MS)
Female Lower Bed with Curtain Rent AED 675+DEWA  (Rigga & Salah Al Din MS)
Female Upper Bed with Curtain Rent AED 700 ALL IN (Rigga, Salah Al Din & Union MS)
Male Upper Bed with Curtain Rent AED 550+DEWA (Rigga MS)

 DEW (All in Packages) 
 High Speed Internet
 TFC Channels
 Cooking Gas
 Cleaning Materials

We Provide Bed With Mediate Mattress & Wooden Cabinet, ALSO Fully Equipped Kitchen, Automatic Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Microwave ETC… LED TV, TFC Channels, Receiving Area, Dining Area, ETC….

Call or WhatsApp: 052 9911 681

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