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Body type: Other

Specs: all cars what you want

Price: 23.00

Avenue Guemassa, Marrakech 40160, Morocco
Europe   Tarek 16-03-18 11 Hits

Hello, In our company, we offer you the best car rental offers, you can count on us to enjoy your convenience.
To rent a car it's very easy
We will bring you the car for free anywhere in the city of Marrakech, you can make it anywhere in the city of Marrakech for free.
For the airport, we are waiting for you at the exit door with your name card at the time of booking.
Regarding the return to another city, there is no problem, but you will have to pay an extra amount to get back to where you want.
Some basics to get a car
The car with normal insurance

Conditions and documents required to fulfill the contract:
1: Passport or identity card
2: Driving license
3: The driver must not be under 23 years old

You can request additions:
G.P.S navigation system = 7 € per day
child seat = 6 € per day
semi-complete insurance = 8 € per day
For reservations and more information contact us on Whatsapp:
+212 6 61 94 99 80
+212 6 75 74 75 94

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