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Describe Item: Industrial
Condition: Brand New
Forsale Rotalign Ultra iS / AliSensor / Emerson CSI

ROTALIGN Ultra Hydropower: $11,000
ROTALIGN Ultra iS : $9,500
Rotalign Ultra : $7,100

Shaftalign Price : $4,000
Optalign SMART RS : $6,000
Optalign Plus SF : $2,600

Emerson CSI-2130 $5,250 
Emerson CSI-2140 $8,750

SKF TKSA 80 LASER: $6,865.99
SKF TKSA 60 Laser: $4,503.99
SKF TKSA 40 LASER: $2,588.25
SKF TKSA 20 LASER: $1,665.99

Fixturlaser NXA Ultimate $ 12,500.00
Fixturlaser NXA Pro Laser $ 8,700.00
Fixturlaser EVO Laser $ 6,050.00
Fixturlaser GO Pro Laser $ 4,300.00
Fixturlaser GO Basic Laser$ 3,900.00

Easy-Laser E710 : $12,600.00
Easy-Laser E540 : $ 4,800.00
Easy-Laser E530 : $ 4,000.00
Easy-Laser E420 : $ 3,395.00
Easy-Laser D525 : $10,100.00
Easy-Laser D505 : $ 8,365.00
Easy-Laser D480 : $ 6,980.00
Easy-Laser D450 : $ 4,530.00


Place your order to the info below.

Contact Info.
Sales Manager
Email: rotalign@zoho.com

Phone: +1 571 297 2904

Regards And GodBless


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