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Six (6) GE Frame 6B Gas Turbine Generators

Six used (6) GE Frame 6B Dual fuel turbine packages (2) 42 MW 6581B Dual Fuel Turbines, (2) 40 MW 6581B Dual Fuel Turbines and (2) 40 MW 6571B Dual Fuel Turbines, Fuel: Natural Gas (NG) & Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO), 11.5 KV, 3000 rpm, 50 HZ., transformers, pumps, exhaust system, electrical system, electrical panels, cooling system, starting system and much more. Turbines have run on natural gas and are in good clean condition. Turbines can be purchased individually or as a complete package. The gas turbines are being offered below market value and they are the best price of any GE 6B gas turbines on the market today. If you require power for your facility and you are on a budget constraint, then contact us to discuss these turbine packages. Immediate Inspection can be arranged.

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